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Solving Challenges

At AIS, our focus is on solving our customers biggest, hairiest, ugliest problems, viewing problems in a holistic, integrated and systemic way (from Alpha to Omega and everything in between), helping our customers turn their dreams into reality.

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Axom Integrated Solutions is a leading business consulting firm that focuses on solving the TRUE problem, delivering tailored solutions partnered with our customers to achieve sustained success.  The CEO and Chief Consultant at AIS is Chad Knauer, who has a wide range of multi-industry experience ranging from small/medium-sized manufacturing and service businesses to Fortune 100 multi-conglomerates.  Spanning decades, Chad has extensive experience in all phases of a business and product lifecycle management.

Strategic Road-Mapping and Planning

Product/Service growth and expansion, technology infusion, new business development, effective Research & Development execution with a seamless transition to “first revenue.”

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Portfolio and Project Management

Extensive experience in successfully managing highly complex, highly integrated global projects and portfolios of projects, including new product development execution, productivity improvement and a multitude of others.

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Leadership, Organization and Team Growth, Maturity and Optimization

Executive leadership, coaching, and influencing within highly complex, multi-tiered people management environments, organization growth, performance and, optimization.

Transformational Cross-Enterprise Productivity Deployments

Complete, systemic changes within and across organizations, accounting for tools, processes, people, management operating systems (MOS), coupled with all other critical aspects that influence the entire “system”, with emphasis on ensuring that the change is long-term, with sustained results.

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We are obsessed with delivering optimum value to our clients from our first interaction, with our sincere intention to develop, grow and maintain long-term relationships with our customers, as well as the broader industries that we serve.

As we have pointed out, we are passionate about systemically solving your ugliest, most complicated problems, which means if we can help you solve your simple problems by providing tips, tools and insights through one of our marketing channels, we will definitely do so.

In addition, this gives us more time and opportunity to interact with you personally to solve those crazy, challenging problems that can deliver even more significant results and truly transform your business.

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We solve the TRUE problem, customized and tailored for your unique business needs.

  • We will NOT provide a solution that only addresses symptoms.
  • We assess the whole situation, using multiple lenses’ (not just technical, people, procedural, customer, supplier, etc.) to view the entire ecosystem. Then, we utilize a “systems mindset” to solve your problems in a cross-functional way (The same mindset used to design, develop and integrate complex systems within aircraft, which AIS has extensive experience in implementing, teaching and coaching). BUT we also do so in a SIMPLE, pragmatic way, ensuring stakeholders understand the steps and engage throughout the journey.
  • We will NOT view your problems through a single lens and provide a “one size fits all” solution (selling you something that you don’t need)
  • We deliver “end-to-end” systemic solutions from understanding your vision and dreams through project planning and execution to help you deploy and implement a sustainable solution for the long term. Our partnership with You is one of the most critical ingredients to ensure the solutions’ effectiveness and longevity.
  • We do NOT focus on ONE level, then leave it to you to “connect the dots”.
  • Our interest is in truly helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and prosper, being a catalyst to make their dreams come true, whether directly with AIS or someone else.
  • We get to know you and your unique problems first to determine if we can help you. If we can NOT help you, then we will tell you.  If we have others within our network that can help, we will provide a referral.

Axom Integrated Solutions helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), located in Arizona or within the southwest corridor facing big, hairy, ugly problems (those with simple, easy problems are not our ideal customers).

While we will certainly help those who have difficult, complex problems in a multitude of industries, the areas in which AIS maintains a core-competency and a targeted focus include:  “Business-2-Business”, manufacturing and heavy industrial, as well as “projectized” or product development-centric businesses that are more technical (Think STEM-centric [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics]).

  • The Anti-Mission Statement: We are not big fans of “typical” mission statements and value propositions, as they turn into a bunch of meaningless buzzwords, so we are going to simply explain the “Why?” behind Axom Integrated Solutions.
  • Be Bold and Trailblaze: The principals of Axom are natural-born problem solvers; particularly fond of solving the biggest, gnarliest, horrendous problems that businesses can face.  In fact, if consensus says, “You can’t do that,” this is what get’s our motor running.
  • Focused on the most challenging problems. You can solve simple, mundane issues yourself, utilizing our free content. We help with disastrous issues and situations that require specific knowledge, expertise, and action to solve.
  • Passion for Mainstreet: Many small/medium-sized businesses have either closed or downsized due to megatrends, market changes, softening of local economies, etc.  AIS is exceptionally passionate about not only keeping this small/medium-sized business “lifeblood” flowing through the American economic “veins” but helping it grow/expand even more than ever dreamed possible. We stand behind this vision for taking America to the next level of prosperity, one nut, bolt, and washer at a time.
  • Do good for others: Why?  Because it is the right thing to do.  Because of our fundamental and core beliefs and philosophy.  Axom is a Christian-owned company that very much adheres to the Golden Rule.  Matthew 7:12:  “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” (https://www.bibleref.com/Matthew/7/Matthew-7-12.html)
  • Connecting the Dots: Through our experience ranging from small businesses to multi-conglomerate Fortune 100 companies, we have found everything in the world is interconnected.  To make a sustained, meaningful impact in the world, we must first understand the TRUE problem and key interconnections before attempting to provide solutions.  Otherwise, a sustainable solution can not be achieved.
  • Make a Transformational and Positive Impact in the World: We believe that everything happens for a reason, and we, our businesses, and the world around us connect in very complex ways.  By helping companies become the best version of themselves, we will also be helping the broader world transform in a meaningful way.


In simple terms, we deliver “truckloads” of value to YOU in a systemic yet straightforward and pragmatic way.

  • From delivering our free content and tools that you can download to partnering with AIS to solve your massive problems, we thrive on helping turn your dreams into reality.
  • It is best summarized in our tagline, with YOU being the key ingredient, “Creating Connections with YOU . . . Solving YOUR problems . . . Transforming the World through YOU”.
  • If you are facing big challenging problems and need a true partner to help deliver TRUE solutions, CONNECT with AIS NOW!
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Manufacturer's guide to aim tool benefits

take back your time today


Manufacturer’s Guide to Action Item Management (AIM) Tool

The AIM tool is a simple, highly beneficial approach to help you and your business get back some of that most precious asset – Time. In addition, the AIM tool enables more effective, on-time execution in a highly scalable framework.

• Effective Time Saver: Immediate time saver for the facilitator, Action Item Owners and their direct managers/leadership by keeping tasks organized, clearly communicated and updated.
• Reduced probability and severity of schedule risks/missed actions: Reduces missed deadlines by enabling the team to identify and address future schedule risks, then provides a simple framework for deploying “Help Needed” to address these schedule risks.
• Easy to use and Scalable: The AIM tool is straightforward to learn, set up and start using in most situations within 30 minutes. The tool is also highly scalable, from an individual keeping track of their tasks/action items to deployment across 30-50 person/cross-site teams.


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“Chad was integral to ensuring the successful sale of my commercial cleaning business, Allbright Systems, for top market value. He and his team were very organized, providing “end-to-end” guidance and oversight, as well as close collaboration with the business broker and key stakeholders through the entire business sale and transition process.  If you are looking for true problem solvers, with a results-driven mindset, Axom Integrated Solutions is for you!”

Gail Strong, Majority Owner Allbright Systems, St. Louis, MO

If you are facing some big challenging problems right now and need a true partner to help deliver TRUE solutions, CONNECT WITH AIS NOW!


Axom Insights

Through Axom Insights, we share strategic advice, tips, and tactics for success. Each post delivers value through a holistic perspective on achieving growth, uncovering innovation, and realizing business success to benefit small and medium-sized manufacturing, industrial and service businesses in the southwest corridor.

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